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InterBase database development
Sterba Sonoma County

Web Application Development and Hosting
Custom Enterprise Solutions and Databases
Specialists in Delphi, InterBase, IntraWeb and Apache

Our Mission is to develop and host web applications and enterprise solutions for organizations that are too large to use off-the-shelf software, and too small to hire their own software development staff.

Our Worldwide Clients include trade union trust funds, restaurant chains, mortgage lenders, manufacturers, auto parts suppliers, seminar planners, railroad suppliers, cargo container shippers, catalog clothing stores, music publishers, and retirement benefits consultants.

We develop:
  • Web-based applications
    for your business and resale to your customers.

  • Commercial software
    for resale to your customers.

  • Enterprise database solutions.

  • Website development.
Lester KwikFinder Electronic Catalog
Developers of the popular "Lester KwikFinder Electronic Catalog" available from Lester Catalog Company, Inc. for automotive electrical rebuilders.

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Business application development professionals since 1975.

We develop software. We do not sell pre-packaged software.

From Vision to Code - Expert in Delphi

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